Help and installation

We are available personally to help you install the riseforex robot on your metatrader 4 trading terminal from your propfirm or broker. Simply contact us through our social networks following your membership. Our support is in your main language, whether you are English or Italian, it does not matter to us, we will make the effort to assist you in your primary language.

The Riseforex team

The team is small, I'm Killian, I'm 24 years old and I live in France, I developed my robot from my computer independently, I spent a lot of time "coding" this little gem and I now offer it for rental or sale. Then there is Mathieu, also French, he takes care of marketing and also sales, his role is very important, he is also the CEO of our company. , our team currently consists of only two people (Killian & Mathieu). We are available for you on social networks in your main language!

I am a beginner, can you help me?

If you have no knowledge in the field of forex, we invite you to contact us through telegram or instagram before subscribing, we will explain to you what you should know.

What do I need to get started?

To use our trading robot, you will need a desktop or laptop computer, an internet connection and an account with a broker or a propfirm. Note that to be able to use our robot, you must have 'Investment capital' to make gains. If you have no knowledge in the field of forex, contact us before subscribing.

I have a broker account, how much do I have to deposit to use your robot?

A minimum of 500 €/$ is recommended to be able to use our robot. We recommend leverage 100 or 500.

The robot and strategy

Our trading robot allows you to trade automatically on several forex market pairs, we offer different settings and we can create your own setting for a propfirm challenge pass or so that you can make gains with your broker.

I have a broker account, how much do I have to deposit to use your robot?

A minimum of 500 €/$ is recommended to be able to use our robot. We recommend leverage 100 or 500.

Is the robot easy to use?

The riseforex team strives to provide you with an easy-to-use trading robot. We have tried to shorten the settings as much as possible so that it is intuitive. In addition, we are here to help you with the installation in your main language!

What pairs does the robot work with?

The robot works on the following pairs: XAU/USD, US30(DJ30), EURO/GBP, EURO/USD, BTC/USD It is recommended to trade only one pair at a time

The timeframe for the robot to work correctly

The timeframe necessary for the robot to work correctly is the M1 timeframe

Let's create your setting together

We can create your own setting just for you. Each setting is specific to your capital and your trading terminal. This setting will be backtested for several periods lasting at least 48 hours. This service is extra and you will have to pay additional fees , the price depends on the pair selected, the number and also the time desired in backtest. Contact us to have your settings just for you!

Is our robot Propfirm compatible?

Yes RiseForex EA is propfirm compatible, plus we can create different strategies for each client, it's really a gem. Our robot can be used with or without the martingale, so it is possible to use our robot among a wide choice of propfirm (ftmo etc).

The profitability of the robot

Here too it depends on many factors (risk, capital, leverage). In any case we can assure you a passive income of at least 20% of your capital. If not more! The robot is really very very profitable!

What is the maximum drawdown?

This is a question that many people ask and it is normal. However, the maximum drawdown depends on several factors, such as risk, leverage and capital. For brokers, with the appropriate settings, the drawdown does not exceed 30%. For propfirms, our settings make it possible not to exceed the daily loss limit of 5% daily, and also not to exceed the maximum loss limit of 10%.

Everything you need to know about subscriptions

We offer our robot for monthly or annual rental, which allows you to acquire our robot for a low price, our goal being to share it with as many people as possible. The subscription is without commitment, so you can cancel it transparently and quickly from your customer area. The robot you will obtain will have an expiration date which will correspond to your subscription. Payment for this subscription is secure through the payment provider Shopify Payments, and you have all the details necessary for your membership from the “Manage my subscription” link.